Vietnam Infographics

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The fourth grade team at our school had created a unit on Vietnam Culture for socials studies. They wanted the children to create infographics as a final assessment. I was asked to help with this because they wanted to use an online media source to create the infographic.

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Since the children were studying Vietnam I decided to search for Infographics on Vietnam and I was surprised to find so many. This was great because it also meant if the children searched on their own they would have resources to see as well.

This assignment was awhile ago so at the time I wasn’t aware of CRAP. Instead I looked at The 6 Principles of Design I created an anchor chart and went through this with the children. I had the students divided into groups and they looked at the Vietnam Infographics. They looked for the principles of design in the Vietnam infographics and we shared as a class what we liked, the principles we could see and what the infographic was about.

In doing the assignment again I would have the students look at CRAP and point out where they saw evidence of this.

I would include some other questions as well:

Questions to ask: What is the story in this infographic? What makes this different than say a poster? What makes this different than say a mind map? How is data presented?
Can you point out where you see CRAP elements? (I can’t wait to say this) How does it help your learning? What topic would you want to create with an infographic?

I would also share Kathy Shrock’s short view presentation on infographics. Adobe Education Exchange is also great free resource for teaching infographics and other visual literacy concepts.

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